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Halo Players of Saginaw, MI

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2/21/05 11:06 am - 513rown - Tournament

Just letting everyone know that there is a Halo 2 tournament in Bay City (Chyi knows more details), with teams of 4, and the winners get $1,500. The price to play is $20 per person.

That is all I know.

Does anyone even play Halo anymore?

1/10/05 07:56 pm - themosthardcore

remember that time when the this "blog" actully saw some action, not it just sits here, its quite sad

12/26/04 04:38 pm - moptimus - random shit

With a boot two hours later woken up to take tojo to work. Halo ever since. crazy. tojo and i were talking a boot halo. not just a boot the game, but all the crazy shit one can pull. all the little tricks of the trade, you might say. we belive that if we played almost anyone in saginaw on skurmish we would tottally kick ass. we got that shit on lock down. HARDCORE

12/15/04 10:47 am - 513rown - Glitching?

Does anyone know how people are dropping Xbox Live games on Halo 2 w/o losing points? Or why the sudden increase in kids joining in a game and not even playing/dropping at the start? What is going on with that mess?

BTW: That energy sword flying thing is sweet.

12/12/04 12:48 pm - moptimus

its a boy

12/11/04 11:33 am - moptimus

who farted?

12/11/04 12:36 am - bothgunsblzing

12/4/04 05:16 pm - themosthardcore

all respct for unity i once had is now gone (except for the kid that went to the show).

11/29/04 11:43 pm - themosthardcore - Update for friday

ok i thought about it and heres whats going down. i'm having more then 16 people come so instead of just having people sit out a game i thought i'd have 2 games going with 3 TVs per game. so this is what i'm gonna need u guys to bring...
- (1) hub
- (3) eithernet cords
- (3) TVs
- (5) X-boxes
- (5) copies of halo 2
- (bring your own) controller

i know its alot of stuff, but i just thought it'd be better this way.
if u think we should keep it simple and only go 4 TVs on one Hub or anyother sugestions, leave one

11/29/04 08:24 pm - themosthardcore

Well its that time again for a Halo 2 shin-dig at my crib. all are welcome (including Unity (this is your invite so don't say u didn't get one)) its gonna be this friday at my house from 6 to probbly around 12. i'll get up to 4 TV, depending on how many people show. so if u want in, just holla. Freefall2failure is my SN or just leave a comment up in herre. Ps bring a friend.

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